Exousia Fitness was created to encourage
self-expression while training.

Welcome to the Future of Fitness

Welcome to the Exousia Fitness brand - A clothing company inspired to be an advocate for fitness and general health. We aim to make individuality and self-confidence a priority for everyone through our clothing, created by local artists and inspired by our own experiences and the feedback of our loyal community. Our goal is to break away from the traditional minimalistic style of the fitness apparel industry and strive to be different and groundbreaking.

Our Story

Our founders, David and Sophia, created Exousia Fitness because they were tired of the mundane and minimalistic conformity of the fitness apparel industry. They made it their life mission to inspire people to be confident in themselves and express their individuality through their clothing.

A passionate need for self expression is the defining characteristic of Exousia Fitness. We believe we can encourage individuality through our premium clothing and innovative graphic designs.

Join us and be a part of our mission. Be bold and unafraid, and wear your Exousia gear proudly.


INDIVIDUALITY: The Exousia family was created to drive people to be different, to test the boundaries of what they were comfortable with and therefore, strive to achieve their personal goals in and outside of the gym.

CONFIDENCE: Our community of strong-minded individuals are planting their foot in the ground, unafraid of the challenges that lie ahead. We are humble, yet proud of the personal progress we make, and through our process, we are trailblazers of genuinity and fashion. Exousia Fitness believes in you to show the world what you are capable of.

AMBITION: Ambition is the fuel that every one of us needs to get to our final destination. Embrace your passions, follow your dreams and with a dogged, ambitious mindset, we create endless possibilities for ourselves. 


We Care

We exist to create the tools that help people unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action.

Build a community

We are not your average clothing brand. We want to create a community where our members feel heard and represented. 

Promote Conversation

We want to promote health awareness and get everyone to talk about the issues that make us human.